Elliott Boom Truck

boom trucksElliot Boom Truck line offers the best and different models available in the market for lifting materials.  The Elliott’s Boom Truck features a series of capacities from ten to fifty tons, with a large variety of tip heights up to 207feet and boom lengths. Functioning with Elliott Engineers and Sales to choose a range of standard and possible features permits companies in almost any industry to personalize the best apparatus for their applications. Accessible options such as telescopic jibs, wireless remote controls, and separate work platforms, and also an accessible digger package, which shows that the Elliot Boom Trucks are not just about lifting materials but more than that.

Standard Features:

  • Large range of Boom and Lifting Capacities
  • Industry-leading LSW (Lifetime Structural Warranty)
  • Highest T & R (Torque and Radius) Elliot truck diggers on the market
  • Lengths for several applications
  • Full-length subframe
  • Patented features that better productivity and safety
  • High Capacity 2-speed winch
  • High capacity SLP winches
  • Improved pin-point geometry
  • Steel confined crane cab contains diesel heater
  • Full-Color LMI (Load Moment Indicator)
  • Strong Turret Rotation Bearing
  • Ride-Around SCC (Standup Control Console)
  • High-speed outrigger setup
  • Piston Pump and more

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However, enduring flexible Elliott Boom Trucks are capable for even the most precise application, from lifting coil tubing, setting trusses, raising materials to height, or working dockside. Single-line Pull, high-capacity winches allow you to lift more weight on lesser rope lines and 2-speed winch enhances lift control and decreases cycle time.  The Jib widened simply and smoothly and the load is in place, it swings freely through an accessible glide swing and rotation gear or brake as required. Operators are guaranteed ease-of-use and comfort, whether in the air or on the ground. The original features of Elliott’s such as Seated Controls, Standup Rid-Around control console, and confined crane cab were designed keeping the safety and comfort of the workers in mind. It helps t0 enhance productivity and decrease the time spend on one single task.  A large number of custom options are given to improve operator functional design like crane cab air conditioning.

Why choose an Elliott Boom Truck?

Begin with what is required in boom truck, but other manufacturers may try to shape your requirements to their devices, but at EEC (Elliott Company), their professionals work with you to persuade the most reliable equipment for your specific job-site needs.  If it is particular rail equipment, raised welder generator, high-capacity digging tools, or a large range of other features, the Elliott Boom Truck can be customized with the right piece of tools for your application. Also, the features of the boom truck crane are unique, so it can work in any environment and the foundation.  The Elliott Boom Truck heavy-duty and full-length subframe is designed to dissolve stress and enhance chassis life. Actually, all of the top-quality gears that go into their cranes are developed to increase resale value and service life. That is why they are able to back up all the equipment with a lifetime constitutional warranty.

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