The Best Rental Companies in Toronto

Renting a car can solve a lot of problems and can make travelling an enjoyable experience for you. You need to select a reliable car rental service like Toronto car rental in order to receive the best services. The rates of the car rentals vary and you need to get hold of the right deals to remain in profit. You can easily compare the various rental services and understand the terms and policies of the contract so that you are not cheated.

By going through the points mentioned below, you can get an idea about the major factors which you should keep in mind while opting for Toronto car rental.


Even if you feel you have got the best deals in car rental, you should keep your eyes open in order to get hold of other deals which are more profitable. You can check out various sites in order to figure out the best possible deals. You can even call up the companies directly in order to get detailed information.

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Avoid Airport car Rentals

You should make it a point to avoid airport car rentals because they often ask for higher rates. The Toronto car rental companies have to pay a lot of fees and taxes to the airport authorities which lead to price hike in their services.

Look for Discounts

You should always look for discount coupons and vouchers before availing the Toronto car rental services. With the help of coupons the price will be slashed greatly and you can enjoy the services at a much cheaper price. You can visit the websites of the various car rental companies in order to check out the discounts and coupons which they are offering.

Monitor the Booking

You should always monitor the booking to make sure that it is the best. The car rental prices are not always constant and hence you might miss out on a better deal if you do not check the deals regularly.

Understand the Auto Insurance Policies

You can reduce the charge of car rental by opting for the insurance coverage of the car rental company. If you are able to do so the prices will be slashed drastically. You can also get more information from your own auto insurance company.

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Check the prices with Car Rental Broker

You can get in touch with a car rental broker in order to seal the best deal. The brokers remain updated about the various charges which are being asked by the various car rental companies. The brokers are able to provide you with inexpensive rate since they rent in bulk from the car rental companies.

Decide Whether You Can Prepay

If you are willing to pay the money upfront then you will not face no difficulties while opting for Toronto car rental services.  If you can plan your travel plans in advance then you can easily get more discounts. You can easily change your booking in case you get a lucrative offer and travel in comfort. Car rental services have made the life of man much easier because you do not need to worry about owning a private vehicle.

Bullet Proof Car – Running From Invasive Dangers and Attacks

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Over more than 100 years, bullet proof car has been protecting the most vulnerable people from all kind of attacks. The modus operandi of these armored cars is to keep the occupants as well as their valuables protected from all kind of assaults like grenade attack or bullet attack. The armored cars are made bulletproof by armoring it very strongly. Depending on the level of protection that one wants from their vehicle, the armoring can be carried out accordingly.

Remain Protected with Bulletproof Vehicles

Traveling in an armored car from a dangerous situation without getting harmed may seem to be like a scene straight away from a movie. However, it is true. You can easily run away from any dangerous situation is a safe manner when you have a bullet proof car by your side. Most importantly, not even a small wound would appear on your body. Well, this is possible because of the high end technical features that come with the bulletproof vehicles. In fact, you can easily modify your luxurious SUV into an armored one and get high level of protection from all kind of assaults.

How the Bulletproof Vehicles Can Protect You?

Before you delve deep into the question how an armored car can protect you, you need to know if you really need a bulletproof vehicle or not. If you are rich and famous, you must have an armored car by your side. They can provide you high level of protection from threats as well as keep you safe from the prying eyes of the shutterbugs.

As you might know the basic goal of a bullet proof car is to provide safety and protection to the occupants. So the primary process of armoring the car starts from a basic level.bullet proof car

Body: The body parts of the car are disassembled and the interior of the car is attacked with light weight armoring. This prevents anything like bullets to metal fragments from penetrating inside. The body panels are hardened in order to protect the body from any kind of explosions.

Tires: In order to help a bullet proof car escape from any kind of mishaps or assaults, flat tires should be inserted. With runflats being inserted it can help any car to travel a minimum distance of 80 miles even after the tires get flat.

Glass: Most glass panels of a car are replaced with bullet resistant glass. Using high-tech armoring methods polycarbonate and glass fusion sheets are layered to make it bulletproof. Having a bulletproof glass installed on the front, back, and sides can keep the occupants protected from attacks.

Secret Exit:A bulletproof cat can come with a secret exit so that occupants can exit from the vehicle when facing any attack.

The world is now witnessing a high amount of crime rate and untoward incidents. With the rise of the deadly weapons, it has become important for important personnel’s remain protected from the deadly ammunitions. Thus, this has lead to the increasing use of high-end and sophisticated bullet proof car. The cars can provide safe passage to the people from any kind of danger very easily. Read this amazing article on how the choose the best armored trucks for yourself!

Everything You Need To Know About The Luxury Coach Builders Of 2021, In Terms Of Industrial Segments, Topography And Main Vendors

Now, the coachwork is a body of an automobile that is drawn by a passage vehicle. So, coach builder refers to the body of the automobile. Recently there has been a rise in luxury coach builder at a global level and here is the market statistics and research. A luxury car is defined to be such a car that provides pleasant facilities that are beyond necessary.

coach builder

The interior of the car is called coachwork and the companies that focus on building these are called coachbuilder. This coach builder offers high-quality components that are superior in performances and have a very high level of design, comfort, and luxury.

This luxury coach builder market is seeing a boom and last year alone, it has seen a boom of 7.41%. This development is possible due to the rapid development in the modern technology of the current years.

It has been forecasted that it is an ever-growing market and won’t stop any soon. Coachbuilder market has seen a rapid development and growth and is continuing with the same rate for the upcoming decade.

Few of the leading coachbuilders are

  • Mitsuoka Motors
  • Moal Coachbuilders
  • Fioravanti
  • TRASCO Bremen GmbH
  • Ken Okuyama Cars
  • Carrozerria Castagna,
  • Zagato Milano
  • Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera

luxury coach builder

Both the global and local markets have been benefited from it. The aspects that have aided the growth are supplieD, profit, price, technology and production capacity. This study provides us the details of the competitive landscape of the coachbuilder and luxury Car Coachbuilding market. The study includes profiles of various Car Coachbuilding companies. We know about the Market Challenge that a company might face like, shrinking of the rates of profits. The recent market is moving towards an eco – friendly cars that are high tech, here we also get the detailed structure of the market trend.


What are the key features of the market research in Luxury Car Coachbuilding? 

We get to know about the dynamic elements of global coachbuilders. Their detailed production capacity, specification, increase or decrease in price, supply chain and various growth factors that are responsible to bring in the growth of the luxury car industry. coach build

The report on the coachbuilders identifies their presence in the global market. SWOT analysis of each project. The growing trends in the Luxury Car Coachbuilding, and how they are feasible for the environment.

The end user demands, revenue, sales, products, and various other restraining factors have been discussed thoroughly in the project. The detailed summary of the key players has been discussed.

With a rising trend of Global Luxury Car Coachbuilder, various opportunities have also grown and that has given a tough competition to each other in this field. In the coming time, eco-friendly cars that are technologically advanced that has an exceeding capacity in the developed markets have been brought in the report. These products are to be escalated in recent times and the market is sure to see a boom.



Detroit 2015: The New Ford GT unveiled! (Photos)

Ford finally came to the conclusion that it was necessary to launch a new version of the Ford GT. With the war of the supercars, the desire to regain the 24h of Le Mans and the technological advances of the American manufacturer, it was inevitable! It was this morning in Detroit that the veil was raised on the beast under the astonished glances of all the amateurs of the mythical model.

Aggressive silhouette, a few hereditary lines from its predecessor, a lot (a lot) of carbon fiber make the new Ford GT an improved model compared to the previous model. The engine: a V6 bi-turbo EcoBoost of 600hp. The purists will say that the V6 is a bottom check (that, and the transmission double clutch with 7 reports) and others will say that it is part of the evolution of the supercars.

The interior is modern. In 2005, it tried to recreate the entire interior of the original GT 40. In 2016, nothing will be kept. A more modern cockpit has been designed with the F1 style steering wheel controls. Production and price information is not yet available, but we believe the new GT will arrive in dealerships by mid-2016.

It goes without saying that Ferrari should be on his guard!

Shelby Cobra: 50 units for the 50th of the Cobra 427!

For 50 years of the Cobra 427, Shelby will produce 50 copies of a limited edition of the legendary roadster. It was in 1965 that Carroll Shelby produced the very first Shelby Cobra 427. According to Shelby American, Carroll Shelby would have approved the project (and some iterations) before his death in 2012. The first car will be auctioned by Barrett- Jackson on January 13th!

This limited edition will be available in two versions. A version with fiberglass body, Guardsman blue color with white strips and a version with brushed aluminum body (available with or without bands).

If you would like to get a copy of this emblem from American automotive history, prices start at $ 119,995 for the blue fiberglass model or $ 179,995 for the brushed aluminum body. The engine is sold separately!

5 Gift Ideas for the “Tank Guy”

It is important, from time to time, to show your appreciation to the tank guys. Yes, you can sometimes populate your Facebook newsfeed with auto videos and technical data. On the other hand, you are rarely ignored when you ask us questions related to the car such as which car to buy, what tire to wear or where the squeak-squeak that your car has been doing for months, Hoping to get a ready-made solution from us. All in all, the people of the automobile are enthusiasts and everything related to the automobile under the tree will charm their hearts. Here are five gifts to offer to a tank guy.

1. Tickets for the Montreal Grand Prix

The Montreal Grand Prix is ​​the Mecca of the automotive community in Quebec. In addition to offering a big weekend of party and stars, the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve welcomes, in addition to the Formula 1, several rounds of support that complete the weekend.

2. Driving an exotic car on a closed circuit

It is possible to try out exotic cars with your foot in the background and safely on a circuit 30 minutes from Montreal. The Mirabel ICAR Circuit offers an array of driving experiences for every budget. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Nissan GT-R, Corvette no matter who to spoil, it will find its account among these cars.

3. Karting sessions

The tank guy wants to prove himself on the kart track. Whether alone or as a group, karting is an easy-to-organize activity, in which everyone can participate. Mirabel Circuit ICAR also offers packages and training for all budgets.

4. Snap-On Tools

Snap-On is for the tools what Louis Vuitton is for the rag. For the tank guy who invests a lot of time on his mechanical hobby, the Snap-On tools are more powerful and have a better durability than the tools found in supermarkets.

5. The Year of the Car

The annual Auto Bible is the annual car bible, the ultimate reference and the perfect last minute gift for the tank guy where he can find all the technical data, tests, photos and comparative as well On the economy cars that cars overpriced.

Fuel consumption of a Top Fuel Dragster (Video)

Here is a simulation of real-time consumption of a single cylinder of a Top Fuel Dragster engine in NHRA. The engines in this series have 8 cylinders, so the total consumption of a pass is that, eight times!

At first, it is the cylinder at the “idle” and then, the consumption at full speed.

A dragster is said to consume 10 to 12 gallons of nitromethane per pass!

SEMA 2014: the Toyota Camry of 850ch!

You’ve probably seen Toyota advertisements claiming that Camry owners are “impulsive” people? And you are not quite convinced? Neither do I. Indeed, the chariot of “matante” par excellence has nothing to charm the impulsive people, and this, since always.

However, Toyota had a little surprise for the performance enthusiasts at the SEMA Show that was taking place in Las Vegas this week. A Camry acceleration of 850ch! And unlike the other cars of this famous exhibition, the creation of the Japanese manufacturer shows nothing in appearance to let appear his performances out of the ordinary. A “sleeper” in good and due form. Impulsivity comes from within. Played well Toyota!

Here are some pictures of the car. And the specifications at the bottom of the article.

2015 Toyota Camry XSE

Magnuson Products
IPT Performance Transmissions
Plumbing: Goodridge Fluid Transfer Systems
Autometer Digital Dash
Impact Racing safety harness
Battery: Optima Yellow Top
Goodyear tires
Nitrous Supply
Seat: Fast Ed’s Interiors
The Polishing Shop
Forged pistons and connecting rods
Suspension: Strut the front and 4-link Live rear axle

The Cadillac ATS-VR: a 600CH unveiling at the Los Angeles Show

Cadillac will unveil, at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the succession of the CTS-V Coupe in the Pirelli World Challenge. After a decade, the famous V8 engine is retiring and is replaced by a 600-hp V6 biturbo. And with the all-new ATS-VR model, in the GT3 category, Cadillac will start the 2015 season in the United States.

According to the manufacturer, 2015 will be a year of development, a kind of prelude to the crossing to Europe (in 2016) where the ATS will face the best European, such as Porsche, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, McLaren and other cars racing in GT3. In fact, at the international level, there are about thirty series in which this new model can participate. And Cadillac plans to offer ATS-RVs ready for racing to anyone wishing to participate in one or more of these series!

True, the fact that the V8 is set aside does not suit everyone. But Cadillac intends to impress the gallery with its technical prowess in turbocharging.

Here are some specifications of the car (English)

Model Cadillac ATS-VR

Reinforced eight-point welded roll cage; Carbon fiber hood, deck-lid, front fenders, doors, rear fenders

Fuel supply
120 liter (31.7 gallons) fuel cell

Engine management
Bosch MS5.1, programmable

BorgWarner EFR Series twin-turbochargers

Xtrac sequential six-speed rear-mounted transaxle; Steering wheel-mounted paddle shift; No lift shift; Limited slip differential with 3.13 final drive

Brembo, six-pot front with 380mm rotor, oven pot rear with 355mm rotor; Bosch ABS M4 controls with driver-adjustable modes

Three-way Penske adjustable shocks, front and rear independent SLA suspension

BBS 12 “x 18” aluminum front and 13 “x 18” rears

Racing tires, front 315/680 x 18, rear 325/705 x 18, series spec

Dry weight (lb / kg)
2,900 / 1,318

Nissan Micra Cup: a new series in 2015 (Photos and Video)

In the mid-2000s, a series called La Coupe Echo appeared on Quebec’s motor sport scene. It was a good idea to offer an affordable way to race, using an inexpensive platform (Toyota Echo) and fair competition (all cars had the same modifications). This series lasted a few years and allowed several drivers to make their debut in motor sport.

Nissan Canada, JD Motorsports and sponsors such as Fast Wheels and Pirelli will embark on a similar journey starting in 2015. With the all-new 2014 Nissan Micra, the manufacturer and its partners will host a championship that will feature several races in Quebec. If all goes well, we can imagine that the series will visit other Canadian circuits in the following years.

The car will be offered by JD Motorsports for a cost close to $ 20,000, which is very affordable for a “race-ready” car. The small 1.6-liter engine developing 109 hp will not be modified, but each car, prepared by Motorsport in Action of St-Eustache, will be modified as follows:

Nismo S-Tune suspension
FIA-approved racing seat
5-point safety harness
exhaust High-performance brake pads
Safety cage
Driver safety net
Front and rear tow hooks
Fastwheels rims Styled with high-performance Pirelli low-profile tires

According to the organizers, the Nissan Micra Cup will offer participants the lowest annual cost of participation in any series of car races in Canada.